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LCD splicing screen solution

Liquid crystal splicing screen scheme

With the rapid development of big-screen splicing wall technology and information technology, human beings have entered the information age, and the computer-centered multimedia technologies in the fields of video, audio and communication have developed vigorously. The visibility of information has been more and more widely welcomed and concerned by people. Large screen splicing wall is the most practical, the most reliable, the most economical large screen terminal display equipment. It solves the defects such as consumables, burns and maintenance difficulties of various traditional display walls, and provides the best large-screen splicing wall system for convenient, comprehensive and real-time display of video information of various systems, especially for remote real-time command, scheduling, monitoring, teaching and other long-term semi-fixed picture display engineering applications.

At present, LCD has become the most ideal display device by virtue of its excellent display performance, featuring high brightness, high contrast, better color saturation, wider viewing Angle, better reliability, image stability without flicker, longer service life and other characteristics.

Reliability of large screen splicing wall system


The LCD splicing unit is a special screen designed for professional monitor. The splicing unit can work continuously 24 hours a day. The splicing unit has the characteristics of high reliability and stability, so as to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system. Due to the characteristics of low power consumption, light weight, long life and no radiation, the liquid crystal splicing wall is highly reliable and can normally work for more than 60,000 hours.

Large screen splicing wall system mechanism

theSplicing wallThe system is the back-end display part, which consists of splicing screen, image control processor (built behind the screen), video distributor (video matrix), VGA distributor (VGA matrix), control software, cabinet and various cables.

User matching: Control computer (any configuration, motherboard with RS-232 communication interface).

Front-end signal source: camera, DVD, PC and other related signal source will be related to the application system graphics and text information displayed on the big screen.

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